Is it possible that somehow, someway, that I forgot to mention at some point that I LOVE RASHEED WALLACE? Somehow I doubt it, so here is my reaction to the new comment I received from Mr. Mike Cline (October 25th post):

Rasheed does not argue with EVERY call. Perhaps he does argue more than most, but often times when he knows it is a real call, he will in fact raise his hand and admit fault. And yes, he has a history of arguing with officials, but then again I think that is why people like to watch him too. He's a passionate player. I absolutely love watching people like him- doing what they love. He is passionate, and that is mostly what makes him a great player. If you follow the Pistons (or stones as I also like to call them... as in PI- STONES), you would realize that often after he gets angry with the officals or even if he does get a technical foul, he will often go on a run... he will hit long threes, he will go and reek havoc in the post... he is a great basketball player, and he is great to watch. I would much rather watch someone who is passionate about what they do (no matter what it is) than watch someone like Kobe- because he is such a... well, don't even get me started on him. Lets just say I really really really don't like him.

I know that for most of you this is extremely boring to read and you don't care. Get over it. Read someone else's blog then. I just had to rant about it for a while.

Speaking of Rasheed, I am watching the game and Rasheed just picked up his 3rd technical foul of the year. Oops.

By the way, I hate the new NBA policy of calling fouls. Isn't it bad enough that a player can't even look at Lebron James or Dwayne Wade without getting a foul? Now they are calling so many fouls that it is ridiculous. There have been so many technicals called (on all teams) already that it is just outrageous. I understand that they're trying to "keep the game under control" but lets not take all the fun out of the game either! A player can't even look at a referee wrong without getting a technical now. Its stupid. Isn't it bad enough that last year Rasheed got a technical for laughing when someone knocked him down while fouling him? How stupid of a call was that? Let me answer... its pretty stupid.

Please, commissioner Stern, lets not take all of the fun out of basketball. If you keep changing the NBA in these ways, its not even going to be fun to watch anymore.

I also wanted to change the subject and say I was so glad to hear from Janet (Maddox) Norris on my blog today! I was recently thinking about how I haven't even heard from her in a while, and how much fun we had on our England trip and what not. Congratulations on getting married Janet!


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