So I'm pretty stoked. I got a call last night from my former high school choir director (and current community choir director), Dr. Oster. Yes, I said Doctor. Yes- my high school choir director has his doctorate. Anyway- he called me and asked me if firstly if I was planning on singing with the community choir this year. I said yes. Then he asked me if I would be interested in singing the [fabulous] soprano solo in a Schubert piece called "The Omnipotence." I told him that I was familiar with the piece and I would love to sing the solo. It is a fantastic work, and the solo is beautiful... plus we all know that Schubert sounds great in my voice (well- now you do). Anyway- just the fact that he asked was a huge compliment, but then he had to go on saying "well I always wanted to do this piece with this group, but never had a soprano who could do the solo- but now I do, I have you!" I was ecstatic for the rest of the night.

Here comes the downer part of the story. I had him fax me a copy of the music so I could start working on it now. I had him fax it to my work, since I figured it'd be no big deal. People at work get personal faxes all the time anyway. Well, it came through before I even got there, and I got scolded for having a personal fax sent here because we "already use so much paper." I bet they'd hate to know how much paper I used one day printing off Jack Handey quotes. HAHA!

Anyway- I thought about going and buying some paper at the store and then bringing it in and giving them 10 sheets (thats how many pages the fax was)- to replace the paper of course. How stupid. I am so fed up with the pettiness of the people I work with- its absolutely sickening. To make it worse, I had P ( that's what I'll call her)- tell me that one of the things I normally do will now be Rae's thing. I don't know why. I wasn't told why. And then without that - Pam came over to me every 10 minutes asking me if I had anything to do or telling me what order I should do those things in. that really gets me going. It is INFURIATING!

Anyway, on a lighter note, we've been decorating at the place I sing karaoke at. Me and the DJ and his wife (Mama Joy) have been enlisting the help of another couple (Dale and Sarah) to decorate the place UP. I mean, this is going to be the most over the top, ridiculous decorating job anyone has ever seen. I told the owner- hey, its a bar- so why not just do it up as gaudy as possible. That's what people should expect. It is going to look amazing. It already looks pretty spectactular and we're about ... 40% done! I love decorating for Christmas!


Congratulations Kristen. That is wonderful news. We are so happy for you.
You lucky dog. I haven't sang for so long. I would love to do the Messiah again. Maybe when I'm 30 - yikes that's only like a few years away!
I hate it when people complain about paper usage. Come on... seriously they have nothing else to do with thier time. I hope someday you can find a job where people aren't so ridiculous.
Isn't decorating fun!?! The only thing I hate about it is taking it all down.

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