UPDATE: After they told me they cut my hours, they waited until about 10 minutes until we close and told me that the office is going into a "different direction," and that I needed to turn in my key, get my things and leave.

Merry Christmas, huh?


Deven said…
Sorry, kid. :( Not such great timing on their part.
Man thats the worst but dont worry im sure god has better stuff in store for you. Still a crappy way to do it and a bad time. Keep your head up.
LesleyBabson said…
Kristen, so sorry to hear what's been going on. I'll be keeping you in my prayers. You'll find something better, you deserve it!
Amanda said…
Wow, that sucks. Oh well, now you'll have to move down to Fort Wayne and get a job here so you can live by me! Muahahahaha.
S. Box said…
Girl, you and my sister should meet...she has the same sort of luck. I hope that you find something much better that will make you forget that place!
You know who this is, but I'll only give you one clue. Hot dog!
You don't have an email address posted, so I can't email you! If you see this comment, email me: whoisit@theboxes.us (yes, it's a working address).

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