To answer Kristi's question- no I was unable to make John Paul's wedding. I don't really want to make excuses for myself but here was my reasoning: I looked it up on mapquest, and realized that I would be driving 10 hours in one day to spend what... 3 or 4 hours at a wedding. As much as I really really wanted to be there, and it broke my heart not going, I could not justify driving 10 hours in one day for that. Plus I would be driving by myself, so that was unappealing because I felt like I would fall asleep. The other reason that I didn't want to drive all that way was because I have been feeling under the weather since Friday. Maybe its because I spent all night out in the cold at my brother's football game but I'm just not sure. I slept my weekend away though, so hopefully that will help!

I am so heartbroken that I couldn't go. I haven't seen JP in so long and I really wanted to meet his bride. I guess I missed out... and perhaps I'll have to vacation in Florida next summer just for that reason. We shall see. I'm sad about that.

But I must give props to the Tigers for their win last night. The Gambler was awesome, and we got some hits and held the other team to one run. Rock out Tigers. Next game is Tuesday!


That's sad that you weren't able to go. I would have loved to see photos :) Hopefully you'll get to see them soon.

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