I hate the New York Yankees. Let me count the ways.

They have millions of dollars to spend, so they always have good players (not really fair play, if you ask me.

When I turned on the pre-game to the start of the Tigers/Yankees game tonight, they asked the question "Is this David vs. Goliath?" When the announcers very well know that the Yankees only have a handful more wins than the Tigers do.

That unless I watch the game on the Detroit Station (which its not on, because they're in NY), the sportscasting is completely biased.

Attention all doubters: Whether or not the Tigers go all the way, they were only one game behind the Twins in the Central.

Now that I'm through with that, I can make other comments. This weekend was our sock-hop weekend, and I had a good time dressing in clothes from the 50s, and singing songs from that era(or at least from Grease).

I also had a long and good conversation with my friend Dan. He came (sort of out of the blue) and said that he has a drinking problem. To be quite honest, I've never seen him when he's not drinking alcohol. Morning, evening, afternoon... anytime I've seen him, I've at least seen him take a drink of alcohol. We had a lengthy conversation, and he mentioned how he said the same thing to his friends, and they responded simply by saying "you are fine. you're the same as you always have been," and he replied with "yeah, that's the problem." I told him that I thought his friends were selfish for responding that way, because most likely they did for one of two reasons: 1. They think they'll feel guilty if he stops, because they will still want to drink around him, or 2. Because they don't want to lose their drinking buddy. I told him that's not real friendship. I told him if he decided to make this change to better himself that he would need some people that were going to be there and support him in that decision. He agreed, and he told me that if he kept drinking the way he does that he knows he won't do anything with his life. I responded with "well, then I guess the real question is 'why not stop drinking? NOt why?'" He seemed to really relate to that. I told him to call me if he ever wanted to talk about it some more.

Well the next night he came into karaoke and barely said a word to me. Probably because he was drinking. Now as much as I care for my friend Dan, I'm not going to "shun" him for his choices. It will be his choice to change his life. He didn't talk to me the whole night, maybe because he felt like he was disappointing me. I don't know though. I really believe he will make that change, because he knows that if he doesn't he will not have the life he wants for himself.

Deep, I know. Please keep Dan in your prayers. He has such a wonderful heart, and he is one of the greatest guys I've ever known-a real stand up guy. He's asked me before to pray for him, and I have. However, I strongly believe in the power of numbers as well as the power of prayer.

Did I mention that Mr. Big came and saw me Friday at work? I was very surprised, since I haven't heard from him in about a month; not to mention I expected him to be in school. Well, he's apparently not in school this semester, and he failed to mention that to me. Well, he asked if I was going to lunch soon, and we went and got chinese. It was the strangest time we've spent toegether. I hate the fact that just when I'm beginningn to forget him, he shows back up( just like the person he is nicknamed after). Ugh. I was pretty angry after he left. I couldn't place why, or what I was going to do about it, but I as irked to say the least. Also- he never said anything about the Pistons ticket that I freely offered to him. That bugged me. He didn't say a word. We'll see if he shows up at my work again, and how I respond.


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