Here are some pics from the Tiger win the other night. For those of you who might believe that Kenny Rogers is a cheater, I really don't believe he was using pine tar that day on his hand. He's too old and too experienced to do something that stupid and that noticable. It was dirt, get over it!

Good old Sparky throwing out the first pitch! Gotta love that guy!

Let me tell you why this picture of the catcher is awesome. Sean Casey (Tigers) leaned into a pitch and then the ball hit Molina (Cardinals Catcher) square in the junk. That is hilarious to me! Ouchie! (Its below).

Kenny caught a line drive right near the ground. I think I smell another Gold Glove for him...

I love it when The Gambler gets all fired up after he strikes people out. And by the way, how could it be pine tar if he continued to pitch incredibly after the umpire asked that his hand be cleaned off... since it was dirt. Seriously.


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