I could have peed. Yes, seriously.

I went and saw the Pistons play the Timberwolves (with Kevin Garnett) last night at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids. I was freaking out. I was standing so close to Rasheed. Now, I must admit, it was probably about 8 feet away, but still... it was RASHEED.

I got a lot of pictures (4 rolls of film) of the different team members, most of Rasheed probably, but I was too excited to keep track of how many pictures I was taking.

Here is a description of how close our seats were: There's the courtside seats, row A, and Row B on the floor. My seats were in row B, right by the basket. I can't wait to get my pictures back and look at them all. They may have turned out like crap, but I think I got a few good ones at least. I still can't believe I was THAT CLOSE to the Detroit Pistons!

I'll post pics when I get them back next week!


Thats really cool! I never had a chance to sit that close usually we are so high up in the Palace that oxygen masks should be required and it looks like the game is being played on a gameboy screen. Nah im exagerating a bit but still court side is cool. Look forward to seeing some pics.

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