So I have the pleasure of attending the wedding of a good friend of mine this weekend. Yes folks, John Paul Churchill is getting married! Don't get me wrong- I am completely happy for him and what I'm sure is his lovely bride. However, I loathe going to weddings alone. Yes, that's right- Kristen's going to attend yet another wedding alone. That kinda sucks. Oh well- its the story of my life!

For those of you who don't know John Paul, you're missing out. He's one of the greatest friends I've ever had and just a great all around person. I am so happy that he found a presumably nice girl to marry. I've never met her, so even though I am sure she is nice, I had to put the "presumably" in there. I talked to John Paul around... oh April or something like that... and he had told me that he was seeing someone and that they were getting married... they weren't officially engaged yet, but the wedding would be this year. Well, I finally got the invitation and was excited that the wedding is not in Florida, where he resides but in Ohio. Yay! I haven't seen John Paul in about 4 years... when he came and visited me and we spent the day together ... ahh good times. I called in to work that day to spend the day with JP!

Anyway- I'm done with the pity party about having to go to all weddings alone. I just realized that the last wedding I actually had a date for was Priscilla and Craig Coe's wedding. That ended up turning out great! Haha ... not really. Sorry for those of you who may not "get" that reference.

Well, hopefully next week I'll have lots of Pistons pictures that I actually took to post... and maybe some from JPs wedding. We'll see. Until then, peace out!


Kristi Fields said…
Kristen, Were you able to make it? I looked for you! I was looking forward to seeing you! I have a few pictures I'll post soon from the wedding.

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