So there are officially only 12 days until I go and see Rasheed and the Detroit Pistons! Dee-troit Basketball! I am so stoked! I still haven't decided who will be partaking in my floor seats with me yet!

I didn't go to the hospital the other day after my accident, but now I am extremely sore. I've never had the front of my neck ache. My back is also killing me too. Yesterday a lady from my insurance company called me and asked me a lot of questions. I will have to wait probably a week before I find out whether or not they are totalling my car, but I'm positive they will. Its so jacked up. I want to get pictures of it too so I can post them. That will be fun.

Last night I went to karaoke- even though I felt like crap, I needed to get out of the house. I was surprised that my friend Dan was there. We had some laughs, but more importantly had another good conversation. The subject of church came up when we were talking about music, and he asked if I sang at church. So then I had to explain to him why I don't anymore. All he could say is that he didn't think it was right for someone to feel like that when they went to church. Then he said he has a great church, but he's afraid to go there because he's afraid it would be blasphemy because he's "such a sinner." I mentioned to him that "All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God, and that Sin is sin is sin, so God doesn't see different degrees of sin (one being worse than another)- and that God forgives us- the hard part is forgiving ourselves. Have you forgiven yourself Dan?" He got a look on his face like I was reading his mind. So then I told him that if he couldn't answer the question that we both really knew what the answer was. We had a long good conversation about many other things, including him telling me very sincerely that 1. I need to send demo tapes out to people because I can "wail." and 2. That he was so glad that I was okay after having the accident with my car. It was an overall good night. I hope that Dan is a lifelong friend. He is definitely the type of person I really want as a lifelong friend, even if I do have to get after him for putting himself down too much.


Heather said…
i'm glad you're okay... sorry you're sore!
i have to tell you... it is SUCH an encouragement to have you keep up with me... I love you!!! :)

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