So I had a close one today. I got up early and went to go give plasma (saves lives, makes me money too), and I was on my way home in a horrible rain storm. Well, it was raining so hard that I could barely see the road, and all of the sudden, I was hydroplaning. I tried to take control of my vehicle, but it got worse. I ended up going into the yard of a farm, and they had railroad ties on the edge Well after I hit those, it got worse. I took out the large pine tree with the back end of my car. I'm okay- but my car is pretty much totalled. Sucks.

Thank God I am okay though.

I guess I get a new car out of the deal.


Deven said…
Glad you're ok. You should get a Mustang. :)
Todd & Micah said…
I'm glad you're ok. Poor car. Have fun looking for a new one.
The McCallums said…
How scary! Glad that you are ok!
Been there done that except it was on southfield freeway in detroit. Glad your ok, sorry to hear you lost your vehicle.

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