This guy in this picture is probably one of the safest guys around.

I saw this picture, and I have no idea what his sign says, but this is a hilarious picture anyway. Hilariously Redonkulous.

I needed to try to make myself laugh today. Its been an excruciatingly long day and its not even 2:00 in the afternoon yet. Sometimes I just loathe working and my working situation... usually it is okay- but when one has a boss that is never able to communicate with them without using a middle-man, it can be rather frustrating. Here is my line of thinking: If you have something to say to me, say it. Don't beat around the bush, don't sugar coat it, just be honest and say whatever you have to say in a respectful manner, and I'll be okay with it. However, when people can't seem to acknowledge my existence or treat me in a disrespectful way (no matter how much older they are than I am), I find that completely unacceptable, especially from someone who is supposed to be in authority over me.

Now that I'm finished with that... I had a pretty good weekend. I attended a halloween party / surprise anniversary party and it was fun. We had some good costumes show up! I was the Devil in Disguise (which consists of me dressed like an angel with horns and a tail). We also had the Hunchback of Notre Dame, we had someone who had this freaky costume that is really hard to explain, but she was walking around, and her head was coming out of the witch's cauldron, and the witch was hugely tall behind her. I really thought it was a drag queen at first... but it was just Sarah... she's a cute little lady. My friends Joy and Dave were ... well I guess Pirate husband and wife... they had cute costumes on. When I was singing "Proud Mary," which I do with back-up dancers and everything (its quite a sight really) it was almost like the Village People behind me... I had a doctor and and indian, and a pirate. Sounds very... interesting, huh?

We also had The Blues Brothers show up. Now the Blues Brothers are quite a sight. These are 2 guys that are the parents to people I attended high school with. They have the full outfits on when they do "appearances," broken handcuffs, briefcases and all. They are very entertaining, and dance around and everything just like in the movie. Its quite a trip. When I get my pics back, I'll be sure to post a few, because they are so funny!

There was also this cute guy there that was either gay or flirting up a storm with me. He looked like he might be a few years older than me, but that's not really a big deal. He was a really good singer too!

Anyway- I didn't really do much else this weekend... just kinda relaxed and lounged around lazily. I figure that it is the perfect time of year for that type of weekend.

Oh, and to keep you updated, I still haven't received my check from my insurance company. For someone who works for an insurance company, I sure am hating them right now! PRAY that I get it soon!!!!


Tony Myles said…
Finally! Someone snaps a picture of me in my full body umbrella.

Now I just have to send it off for the patent.
Kristen Kennedy!!! Its been so long!!! Ummm what new with me, I'm married....ummm....thats about it. How's life? Remember the alligator purse song you used to sing. I was thinking about that the other day. Toodles...Janet Maddox(Norris)

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