So why is it that what can happen always does? Does that even make sense? This is what I mean: Murphy's Law. What can happen always will. I went to breakfast with someone, not thinking anyone would ever see us. Of course, someone that not only I know, but that we both know saw us. It was just one of those things that maybe I didn't want to broadcast to the whole world, and now it probably will be talked about. Oh well. I don't care that much, but it was just one of those things where I thought "That would happen."

Anyway, I went to a funeral visitation yesterday for my brother's girlfriend's grandfather. This was at least the 2nd time that I've had the chance to be introduced to Rachel's (My brother's girlfriend) mom. Did my brother or my mom speak up and say "oh, you've never been introduced to Terry's sister"? No. They did not. I stood there awkwardly, without getting introduced, and I was irritated. So, after I was seemingly edged out of the social circle(literally, they were standing in a circle), I sat on a couch that was there in the funeral home, behind everyone.
So when my mom said to some man that I was her daughter (10 minutes later- at least), I smiled and said "yeah, I'm the other child. I'm the one no one talks to." I'm pretty sure that he and my mom caught on to the bitter sarcasm. I'm convinced that eventually, if my brother and Rachel get married, I will be at the wedding, and I will still not have been introduced officially to his family. I mean, maybe I'm making a bigger deal out if it than it is, but how difficult is it? Last time it happened I did say something to my brother and my mom about how nice it was for them to introduce me to Rachel's parents.
So the rest of the time, my mom tried to include me into conversations that the people were obviously not catching on, and I gave up. I was ready to leave after I talked to Rachel. It was not fun at all. Maybe I was being too sensitive, but I didn't think it was too much to ask.

My kitten Piston is the cutest ever. I can't wait to post some adorable pictures. She wanted me to wake up the other morning, so she slapped my face with her paw (no claws). It was annoyingly adorable.


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