I would be lying if I didn't say that today is one of those days that will never be the same. Five years ago, we all experienced something we never had before. This morning, watching the attacks again made me so amazed that it happened 5 years ago. I remember it happening; and it feels like it could have been yesterday. I remember being in Statistics class with Clark Vandeventer and Matt Schultz... and how our teacher made it sound almost like a joke. Then when we went to chapel, we saw the reality on the big screen. I remember sitting and praying with Micah and Jared Tidd, and I remember being scared, but not wanting to cry. I remember talking to my mom that afternoon on the phone. We all watched the news for approximately a week straight and didn't really know what else to do. Its still so surreal- and so real at the same time.

Well, I've gotten that out of my system. On to more important things:

I got something Friday, and I can't even contain my excitement about it. I got two Floor Seats to a preseason Detroit Pistons game. ROW B! I am so elated about it that I can't even express how happy it makes me. I've offered the other ticket to Mr. Big, so we'll see what happens there. After that, there are a few options I have to choose from.

I got something else Saturday. I got a kitten. She is absolutely adorable. She's a little calico kitten, and she's white with gray tiger/ and orange on her. I've decided that her name is Piston. Let me tell you, the name suits her. I went to take a nap on Sunday, and she got right up in my face as my eyes were closed and meowed in my face, because she wasn't quite in the mood to sleep. She's a cutie pie, and now I have someone to watch TV with when no one is around.

My cousin Rashelle had her baby shower yesterday. That was boring. I mean, it was fun, but bridal showers are where the real fun is at. She got tons of cute stuff, and she'll probably never have to buy any clothes for that child. She's about to pop though. I can hardly wait to hold that little girl! I did get to hold my other cousin's little boy yesterday, and it was the first time I've held a baby in a really long time. It was fun.

Okay friends, time for you to start having babies so I can hold them, because I'm not planning on that for a while!

Also- I finally got an invitation to a long anticipated wedding (not really long, they haven't been together all that long). My friend John Paul is getting married next month, and I can hardly wait to meet the girl that he chose to marry.

Other than that its just a plain old, dreary day. Rainy and what not. I guess its kinda that time of year. Oh well.

Maybe I'll post pics soon of my kitten! (I know, you're soooo excited.)


Kristi Fields said…
Kristen! Are you going to JP's wedding? I'm the guest book attendant! I can't wait to see you!:) PS - I have a picture of JP with is bride-to-be, if you want to see it!
Deven said…
You said to start having babies. I was just trying to be a good friend. :)

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