If you are 90% of my friends, you are either thinking "who the heck is this picture of," or "why in the world would Kristen be posting a picture of Clark Vandeventer?" Well, this is an odd story (at least I think so). Well, I was checking my e-mail today, and I surprisingly got an e-mail from Clark titled "Glad to see I made your blog." My first thought was "why the heck is Clark reading my crumby blog, and how did he even find it, and when did I even write about him!?" Well, I opened up the e-mail, and it didn't really say anything besides "The Conservative Movement Starts Here!" This did not surprise me. I guess I was sorta surprised to see a gigantic picture of him included in the e-mail. I shouldn't have been, because, well.. that's Clark.

Well, for those of you who didn't know, he is married to a girl named Monica. And on their first date they fell off a cliff. I'm still a little confused on the details, but whatever. Anyway, the way he found my blog is that apparently someone he works with is obsessed with him or something and has a google alert on his name. Okay. Interesting. Of course I'm joking about the obsessed part, because who can really know for sure... but really... who does that?! :)

I also figured out when I wrote about Clark. It was on September 11, because I was with him when I initially found out what happened that day 5 years ago.

Thank goodness its almost Friday! I am sooooo ready for the weekend!


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