So, for those of you who didn't know, Eric Jones had a birthday yesterday. Although I haven't been very successful at keeping up with Eric these days, I still had time to leave him a birthday message on his voicemail. I am also happy to say that he has a mildly amusing greeting on his voicemail. He is just another one of my many IWU friends that I miss dearly.
Here are some of the reasons I miss my IWU friends:
-Playing beach volleyball all day (even if it is 40 degrees and we were all barefoot)
-Chorale and chorale friends
-Squelching the Welch
-Our Happy Little Elf (Josh Yankey)
-Spongebob with Micah (and Todd)
-Throwing Little Debbies across the room (at Nicole)
-Spring Tour (a free trip to far away would be nice about now)
-Josh Morton's quiet humor
-Taking "group naps" on the couch
-Coming home to find someone who doesn't live in my house napping on my couch (Eric)
-Having fun nicknames for everyone
-The humor of the Cash Brothers
-"If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much"
-Having a "psychiatric connection" with a roommate

Those are just a few reasons. I had a stroll down memory lane with my good friend Deven (Cole) Swan last night. She called me and we talked for a half hour about an old CD with really random songs that we listened to constantly freshmen year. With lyrics like "I carry my microphone with me everywhere I go. It makes for a very good dead weight in case of an emergency. In case I need to break your face; in case I need you to be there," who can resist? That is crazy. That was such a fun time- and make fun of it all you want, because I indeed lived in Shatford.

I wanted to say something about Burke and JoEllen Hummel. In case there are some of you who didn't know, Jo gave birth to Triplets the other day. One went to heaven already and is with the Lord, but the other two are tiny little fighters. They are both under 2 pounds, so if you get a chance, check out their link on my page and read more all about it.


Todd & Micah said…
That picture is classic! I hate/love it when you reminisce about the good old days. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time.
Why do I always comment after my sister! Yuck! ;)
Anyway, I do check your blog, maybe not everyday, but I do read it. I love your kitten's name and not just because of the football team either... just kidding, I know it's a basketball team! Ha!
Yes, you do have quirky names for people. I almost forgot why you always called me 'Beefy' but who can forget the soprano speech by Prof. that one time.
I would do just about anything to stand in that smelly Chorale room again!
What was my sister's nickname? How 'bout we make one up? Pork Chop sounds good! He..he.. I'm so mean. Love ya, Megan
Kristen said…
Oh, Micah has a nickname. I know I used to call her Hami a lot, and I think she called me Mama Chicken. I don't remember why...
Todd & Micah said…
I don't remember why either. But I loved saying it. Pork chop, real funny Megan. You big cheeseball!
Kristen said…
I gave my brother the nickname of Lambchop. He loves it when we cheer for him and make signs saying "Go Lambchop" at his football games.
He liked that! I thought lambchop would be embarrassing? Maybe not. Hami sounds good, but that used to be our hamster's name when we were kids. Remember Hami Micah? We were so cruel to that poor animal.
What's with Mama Chicken? Do you lay eggs or something?
Kristen said…
Yeah, Lambchop is embarrassing, and he doesn't really appreciate it. My bad, its hard to catch on to sarcasm when you're reading it.
And yes, not only do I lay eggs, I lay Golden eggs.

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