So I'm going to say something here: I am fed up with anonymous comments on this website having to do with Iraq and the attacks on my country. I recently noticed a comment on my blog about whether or not "we" are going to be more free here after our troops leave Iraq. What moron actually thinks that is what the conflict over there is about? I understand wanting this war to be over. I have a friend that I used to work with who is over there with the Marines. He is a machine gun specialist. He is on the front lines. Do you think that I really want him to be over there risking his life? No, I do not. However, that is not my choice. That is his choice.

And another thing- I am so fed up with the Media spin on this whole thing. I have seen numerous videos and pictures of people thanking our country for what it has done over there. I truly believe that the work over there is going to be difficult and is far from over. Anytime there is a revolution or change in a country of any sort, there of course is going to be opposition. Do you realize that Saddam Hussein brainwashed so many of the people that grew up in Iraq to believe that he was actually doing good for his country? Do you realize that he actually is in prison and no one is complaining about that (besides him)? Its not like we just killed him (like perhaps we should have), we are trying him as fairly as can be done.

That's not to say that there are people in Iraq that probably feel the opposite way- thinking that it was none of our business "butting in" and coming over there. However, if we had not, and Saddam had continued his reign of terror and killing and raping innocent people- how much more would it have escallated? When would he stop? He would not have. And he had bred his sons to be exactly the same way as he was- and actually they were much more inhumane. Then we as a country, and our leaders would have been criticized for not doing something. There is no winning. People will always hate us, they will always be misled about our leadership, and although maybe there was no definitive plan going into Iraq, but how much of a plan could be made? Our leaders did not know what they were walking into: Whether or not there were weapons of mass destruction, whether or not we would face severe opposition- we didn't know we would be facing religious zealots that will kill themselves for their cause (along with innocent bystanders).

So, therefore, don't make pointless comments on the war on my blog. Especially if you don't even have the guts to post your real name, you spineless jelly fish. Yeah, I said it. Because if you do, I will tear you to shreds, throw you under the bus, and then spit on you. At this point, it is stupid to debate it. Debating won't change anything. Action changes things.

Maybe we should have done what my good friend Eric once said and "bomb the whole place and call it 'America 2.'" Just kidding. Its called a joke folks!


The McCallums said…
Don't worry. I won't post about the war, but I just wanted to say how funny your comment on my website was. It cracked me up!
LesleyBabson said…
YES!! Wonderful entry, Kristen! I wish more people felt the way you do! I get so sick and tired of people complaining and the media spin, too. If it wasn't for the media, people would (I hope) realize on their own why we're over there. I HATE having Eric deployed (especially a few weeks after our first baby is born), but we both know he's needed over there and we're willing to make the sacrifice for our country.
Thanks for visiting our site. Hope all is well in good ole MI. We are headed to Kevin and Cindy's tonight to deposit stuff to their basement that won't fit into our apartment. Don't think we'll be around for church though. We want to head back and go to our church and Sunday school class. Take care.
v6b40 said…
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