A 36 year-old Agassi is rocking out on the tennis court this week. I've always loved him. For those of you who didn't know, I've always had a secret love for tennis.

So I'm glad its Labor Day weekend. Its going to be a fun weekend. Mama Joy and Crazy Dave (a.k.a. Dad) are having a cookout on Sunday. That should be a good time by all. I'm hoping that everyone that said they were coming are still going to show up. Its going to be so fun. I'm just praying for NO RAIN.

What else is happening this weekend? Not much. Last night my brother's football team beat Belding in an away game(17-14 in overtime). I'm pretty happy. However, the refs were horrible. I was hurling insults at them all night. The one guy looked approximately 13 months pregnant. He couldn't run to keep up with the plays, and I think he needed some new glasses. I also told him that. My brother told me after the game that he heard me yelling that the guy needed glasses. To be fair, that field does have you really close to the field, as opposed to the one at my brother's H.S., where there's a large gap between the players and crowd because of the track.

Anyway, this is completely random, but did anyone else always call chicken nuggets "Mcnuggets" when they were litte, no matter where they were from? Kinda like a lot of people call all tissues "Kleenex." What else is there? Q-tips. That's a brand- not an item. They are actually cotton swabs- or tiny jousting equipment, if you try hard enough. Its kinda weird how those things catch on.


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