My Detroit boys did it again. Here are some pictures from last night's victory against the Toronto Blue Jays. Above: Carlos Guillen looking hot and getting a ball because of his cat-like speed and reflexes. Also, Todd Jones closing out the game. His mustache is out of control.
Below: Brandon Inge and his soul patch: rocking out.

Above: Placido Polanco's Sac (squeeze) bunt that brought in C-Mo (Craig Monroe) from third base.

Below: Pudge (Rodriguez) high-fiving Polanco for being awesome. By the way: Three of the runs were RBIs attributed to Polanco.

Below: Joel "Zoom Zoom" Zumaya throwing a ball so hard that the opposition can't even hit it. FYI: His fastest pitch is 102 mph.

The Tigers are back folks. Watch out: they bite!


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