I had a fabulous Labor Day weekend. It was probably the best one yet.

Friday night, after work I ran some errands and then went and sang karaoke with the gang. It was a fun time. Then Saturday, I got up and around and went to see my brother march in the Woodland Homecoming Parade. Then I went with my mom and sister to the park and we walked around and looked at the booths that people had set up there, selling baked goods and other crafts and stuff. Then we watched some of the softball games. After that, we went home and I napped. And it never fails, that when I take a nap, that people call me constantly. Well, my friend Andrea called me and invited me to her brother Aaron's party. Well, I decided to go. Well, it was lame. This party consisted of Aaron and his three friends that showed up playing drinking games in the basement while me, Andrea and her sister Ashley and her friends watched the MTV VMAs. Not my idea of fun. So I stayed my courtesy 2 hours and left to go sing karaoke.

On Sunday, I had a cookout to go to. Mama Joy and Crazy Dave (the DJ and his wife) were having a cookout for all of us regulars who all kinda hang out together. We had a good time, and sang some karaoke outside and had some good food. And Aiden did actually show up, despite the fact that there were doubts that he would remember. He is recovering from a broken leg, and the only thing funnier than a 6'6" tall man on crutches is one in a walking cast. Anyway, we had a good time, and he was in rare form, cracking jokes and cracking everyone up. Well, I decided to sing the Prince song "Kiss," which is one that I do a lot anyway, and I saw two bodies coming near me, and I got a bit nervous. I don't normally get nervous when I see men walking toward me, but this was different. This was Jeff (a guy who sings in a local band and is a pretty cool guy) and Aiden. Now if you've ever seen Night at The Roxbury, you will understand what is coming up. Before I knew it I was flailing about trying hard not to be the next one in a cast. Looking back it was pretty dang funny, but at the time it was a bit out of control. It was a good time, and Aiden doesn't normally do things like that... but he's much more comfortable when he's around a lot of people that he knows. We were all there til around 3 a.m. sitting around the camp fire cracking up. Mark decided he was going to fire walk (this guy is 51 years old mind you) and cracked us all up when he said he was wearing fireproof tennis shoes. He was really in his element too, which is rare for him, because he's usually half asleep when I see him because he works something like 12 hour days (almost every single day).

Anyway, then Monday a short trip to Mama Joy and Crazy Dave's turned into an all day event. I went there to drop off a jacket I had borrowed and pick up my dish for my food I had brought, and I ended up being there all day. I was talking to Dave, Ken and Kip. They're all about twice my age, but we had a good time chatting it up.

I always love good weekends like that, but then if next weekend is boring, it always makes it such a disappointment. Oh well, I have plenty more good weekends in store throughout my life, I'm sure.


kate chinlund said…
Hey girl! I found your blog site through... another IWUer, I can't remember! Great to hear you're doing well though! Where are you at in Michigan?

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