So, my pastor e-mailed me yesterday, asking me how I am doing. How I am really doing. As if the fact that my attendance (or lack thereof) to church is because of my spiritual well-being, not because of the problems that I have with the church itself. So I finally told him. I have some problems going there. Not only is there absolutely no ministry geared for someone like me (single, single, and young), but I feel like I was all but shoved out of the music ministry. And when I hadn't been there for a while, did I hear from my Pastor? Nope. Did I hear from other people in leadership? I heard from one couple in the church. ONE. What does that say to you? I guess it said to me that they could not care less whether or not I show up. Well, I told him I didn't expect him to understand where I am in this point in my life (since he was married right out of IWU like 97% of my friends), but that we could get together and talk about it if he had the time.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest... Did I mention that Rasheed Wallace's birthday was Sunday? He turned 32. Happy Belated Birthday Sheed! Also- Did I mention that there are only 28 days until I will see him up close and personal?! I am so pumped about that you can't even comprehend. He is fantastic.

My cousin Rashelle had her baby this morning. Her name is Angel. I went on my lunch and held the little hami. Apparently there were some problems during the delivery. After she came out she wasn't breathing because she tried to breathe too early and she got mucus caught in her throat. They started running a bunch of what I assume are routine tests on her when I left, and everything seems okay. All I could think when I was holding that baby is that my sister is not ready for that. Well, we'll find out. Rashelle made the comment that my sister's boyfriend disgusts her. Now, let me explain. My family is pretty open-minded and accepting. However, if we don't like someone- its the opposite end of the spectrum. There's a fine line between love and disgust apparently.

I am so glad its Wednesday. Yesterday when getting in the shower, it was as if the moment the water hit my head I came to a painful realization: it was only Tuesday. I thought it had to at least be Wednesday. Now hump day is nearly over, and I'm ready for the weeks end, and the weekend!


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