Good news to report: My sister is naming her baby Isaac, not Kayden. Yay!!!

More good news: The Tigers are officially in the playoffs for the first time since 1987! Yay! Now we need our boys to focus on clinching the division! I am so happy for all Michiganders!

Pistons start soon. I'm so stoked. I can't wait to go see them up close and personal next month!

I'm putting the final touches on my Halloween costume. I can't wait to be a Devil in Disguise. It will be so fun! All I need now is my halo and my horns!

I went to go get some pictures that I don't have on digital media put on a CD at Wally World today. Guess what?! They have NO CDs. That sucks. And you know, they can't just open up a package from the store and use them. Do you know how I know this? I used to work there. People asked this annoying question all the time. The Kodak machines will only accept the actual Kodak CDs from the company.

By the way, CDs does not have an apostrophe. That drives me nuts (Thanks Dr. Kindley).


Kristi Fields said…
Kristen, do you remember the date of JP's wedding by chance? I can't remember if it's Oct. 21st or 28th!!
Deven said…
Amen, sister. I also get irritated at things like "1980's" and such. Did the 80s own anything? I think not.

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