So, that last comment that was posted by an anonymous person was a little creepy. I doubt any foes that I happen to have would even take a second glance at my blog, they'd probably get it off from their screen immediately. Plus I don't think I have all that many foes.... that I know of.

Anyway, this weekend was interesting. Friday I went out to karaoke and ended up hanging out with my Uncle Tim for the night. It was interesting to say the least... but we had fun. Then Saturday, I had to sing the National Anthem with the Chorale Society at a West Michigan Whitecaps game (minor league), and that was fun. The game was fun and they had fireworks afterwards, and that was cool. Then I decided on the way home I'd at least stop by karaoke for a little bit, cuz I wanted to talk to Joy, but she ended up not even being there. I ended up hanging out a little bit and meeting a guy who was hitting on me all night. He was actually extremely good looking, with really pretty eyes, and he's an age that seems so old to me (31), but anyway, he was all hitting on me pretty bad and a bunch of us ended up going to one guy Jerrod's house for a bonfire. Well, I went, and ended up getting hit on pretty badly by Jerrod, whom I mostly just think of as a friend/acquaintance, not in a romantic way or anything... plus he's such a player (AND dating my brother's girlfriend's good friend - as far as we know- she's claiming she broke up with him although he says he knows nothing about it).

Anyway, it was interesting, but all in all I do not need another guy in my life at the moment. Zac called me Saturday, he's been out of town, and he was talking about how he's not going to travel for a long time, which I'll also be glad of, because I haven't seen him in 2 weeks! Oh man, that seems like such a long time!

Anyway- Dog sitting is awesome. I floated in the pool for a couple of hours the other day, and the dogs just sat in the shade while I relaxed. It was nice. It gets a little boring, since they're dogs, not people, so last night I took them for a bit of a ride, and they loved that. Now my whole car is full of dog hair. Oh well, I needed to clean that beast anyway.


Deven said…
Hey! Friend-in-law is 31!
Anonymous said…
Well, are you sure you do not have many foes?? Are you absolutley positive. Do you believe in KARMA?? I know, what a silly thing to say,,,, Well nice to know dog sitting is boring, I would think so too, like you said, they are NOT people. (even though some would like them to be).

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