I will never understand how some people can be so dumb. How can one find the number for the agency where I work and then call us to ask the number to another agency? Have we never heard of the proper use of a phone book? That's like me looking for a friend's number, and instead of looking up their name, look up someone who might know them, calling them and asking them for their number. What a complete waste of time.

Some people's kids!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, mostly because its Friday and I live for the weekends. I'm pretty excited about having some time to sing karaoke and spend time with Zac. I sorta feel bad because I had to (for lack of better words) "blow off" Gabriel. He seemed like a really nice guy, but sometimes things just aren't meant to be.

It would be perfect if Aiden showed up to karaoke this weekend. I just want to invite him to hear me sing next week. He is my biggest fan, after all.

I really wish today was Friday. Its payday tomorrow. I can't wait unti l 5 pm tomorrow.

I've been thinking of inviting Zac to come to karaoke with me this weekend. Or some weekend soon... one or the other. The only thing holding me back is some of the ignorant people that come to that place. I know none of my friends would alienate him on purpose, but I also don't want him to feel uncomfortable either. I think he'd be the last person to feel that way, but you never know.

Anyway, I don't really have much else to say I guess- at least for now. I'm just trying to kill the passing time.... because its passing rather slowly.


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