So I tried to post the other day, and somehow after I typed everything, it disappeared. So I'll start with this: Mimi- if you're reading this, I'm going to try to come to camp. I work in Hastings now, which should make it easier, but I'm dog-sitting for my Aunt in Belding that week, and it should prove to be interesting. I hope to be able to go sing in the choir though.

And let me just say how sad I am that Big Ben decided to leave the Pistons [for a crappy team]. Its too bad, but I really think that it may be good for them... no more laughs at the free throw line, and no more worries about the "hack-a-Ben" tactics. Best of luck Ben... although I wish you could have retired a Piston.

Don't you love the way I talk like he's actually going to be reading my crumby blog?

At least it wasn't Rasheed.

However, I must also say, this ruins my plan for me and my brother to get matching wallace tattoos. Oh well, I'm still getting the Rasheed one!

Well, this should be pretty exciting. I'm dog-sitting for my Aunt and Uncle starting today. I'm pretty sure that Onyx, Brandy and Nomad (the cat) will have a fabulous time. Plus, they have a pool, and I have a new raft to sunbathe on. Wahoo!

I tried to blow off Gabriel, and this is going to be much more difficult than I thought it was, because he is having none of it. We'll apparently be discussing it this weekend.

Other than that, all is fabulous, and it is so fun how more folks keep finding my blog!


Anonymous said…
Yeah lots of folks reading this,, but who?? Do you know really who reads this?? Family, friend, or foe??

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