D-dogg- I will have to show you the pictures sometime of the toga party. It was very fun. Plus, you probably wouldn't need a queen- just a full. That's what I used- and there was still plenty left over. Just don't tell anyone! J/k.

I must have my mojo working at this point. A guy I've never met at the toga party was all up in my business flirting with me and asking me to dance with him. His name was Brian. When he started cracking up I began to wonder, but it was just because he got poked in the belly with one of the safety pins holding up his toga. He and his friend Matt were just pumped to wear togas and go commando underneath, according to Matt's girl, Nicole. Yeah, there were some close calls there, but thank goodness there was officially no reason for anyone to be arrested for indecent exposure.

I did receive a lot of compliments on my toga, which is pretty exciting. Dave continues to announce the fact that I'm going to be in the poorly named competition "Ionia Idol." I'm pretty excited about it and I want to win extremely badly. However, if my mom makes signs like she says she's going to, I'm probably going to have to harm her. I like attention, but only so much, you know?

I talked to Zac quite a bit this weekend, but I did not see him. It was weird, cuz he called me Saturday, and I needed to explain what a toga party was, and all that. He was still working at 10:30, and informed me that he would probably be getting out at around 11:30 (he works on salary, so he never really knows). Well, he informed me of this, so I thought he wanted to see me afterward, or talk to me, so I told him to just give me a call when he got out of work. Well, he either didn't want to see me or was way too tired to talk/hang out, because he never called. I thought that kinda sucked because I haven't seen him in 3 weeks. At first it made me wonder if he really wants to continue seeing me, but why would he have told me he wants to have me sing for him sometime if he felt that way? Why would he even call? Anyway, I'm beginning to have my doubts, but I do have to go to GR tonight, so maybe I'll get the chance to stop by there.

He did call me both Friday night and Saturday night. He is switching to third shift starting this week because during the day "there are too many chiefs and not enough indians," and if he goes to third he'll be "the only chief." He'll also no longer have to work Saturdays. That will be nice.

Anyway- Gabriel never called me this weekend. Perhaps he's gotten the picture and is giving up. He's probably only seeing about 47 other girls anyway. Just a guess.

So it came to me on the way to work this morning, after having a series of nightmares last night, along with dreaming of Mr. Big, he never wrote me like he said he was going to. It shouldn't surprise me, or disappoint me, but why do people do that? When I say I'm going to do something, I freaking do it. I guess I am a little disappointed. Its probably my own fault for writing the letter telling him I didn't know what he wanted from me by coming in to my office the way he did. Oh well, I was just trying to be honest. And oddly enough, in the past he has seemed to respond to that. I don't know how he always got under my skin, but he did.

Berger got married Friday (as long as all went as planned). I guess he just needed one last whatever before he got married, and that was me. Don't get me wrong, we didn't "get it on," but he did kiss me, and now every time I see him I want to be sick. Last time I saw him, I literally thought I was going to vomit immediately. I wish it had never happened, so at least we could have been friends. But I cannot be friends with someone who would kiss another girl when he was engaged, because I can't be friends with someone I don't respect on some level.


My mom is driving me nuts. I think its because she hasn't gotten any in a really long time. But come on, just because your douchebag husband is a moron and got himself thrown in jail, don't take it out on everyone else. Gosh!

I'm pretty sure I loathe my boss. If he talks down to me one more time, I just might blow. I'm beginning to wonder if putting up with him alone is worth what they pay me here. If it wasn't for him, I'm pretty sure this would be the perfect workplace. I guess no workplace is perfect... but I am fed up. I can't imagine that Bonnie has been putting up with his crap for 11 years. For example, another agency called today for some info that he was supposed to fax over last week. I faxed it right away (because it was 9 a.m. and he still wasn't here, and I'm efficient), and he freaked saying he didn't want all the info I faxed to go to the other agency. And ordered me not to fax anything to another agency unless he said it was okay. THEN, I open the mail every day, because the girl who normally does it has been gone for 2 months, and I have to do her job and mine. So, I didn't know what some box was, and I opened it, and it was some herbal supplement crap, and I realized it was his personal crap and closed it back up, and put in in his office. He flipped on me again and said anything with just his name on it, I was not to open, and that he "wasn't going to have this conversation again with me." Okay- so nevermind the fact that 98% of the mail that comes in that I open has his name on it. AND JUST his name on it, not with the word "agency" after it. I am so tempted to leave everything with just his name on it unopened and prove to him how unreasonable it is. I hate him right now. I am so angry. If it is one thing I hate more than anything its being treated like a moron, and being talked to like I'm stupid and don't know anything. I am 26 years old, I am a college graduate, and I am being treated like I am in the 4th grade. I can't take it. I look forward to the days when he is gone all day. That's horrible to say, but its true, and its only because I'm not going to listen to him tell me how good Rae looked wet at the car wash and treat me like an idiot. That's just not acceptable.


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