Ionia Idol was bunk.

I couldn't believe when they announced the five finalists for our night and one of them wasn't my name. It was surreal... 3 out of the 5 people that are now in the finals sucked. The other two were actually good, and I thought they'd be in the finals. One girl actually forgot the words to "Old Time Rock & Roll," and the judge said (this is a direct quote)- "you forgot the words, but that won't count against you." What? Aren't the words kinda important? So if I would have stood there while my accompaniment just played because I "forgot the words," I would have advanced because technically the vocals were flawless because they didn't exist? This is ridiculous! That was beside the fact that after ever phrase she had to squeak making her inflection go up (a la Stephen Tyler- only he actually doesn't sound like a douche when he does it).

The other girl was in the completely wrong key after her key change, and wasn't with the music for half of the time near the end. Then one of the judges told her the ending was good! WHAT THE FRICK?! I don't understand how someone with ears could actually say that, let alone a judge for some crappy karaoke contest.

The other girl if I remember correctly sang "Jesus take the wheel," and I like that song- but man she was screaming. It sucked.

So to say the least, I was a little bitter; actually pissed is more the word. I still can't believe it. I had so many people there though... I couldn't believe it. Here is a list of people who came specifially to hear me: Jasmine, Andrea, Lisa, Michelle, Kimmie (Andrea's sister), a girl whose name I don't know (Nick's GF), My mom, Gramma, Aunt Neen, Aunt Kelli, Brent, Jessica, Nick, Joy, Dar, Leslie, Mary, Jeff, Lorena, Nicole (Lorena's daughter), and I think that might be it. I REALLY hope I didn't forget anyone. That is crazy. I can't believe they all came.

I'm still bitter. I should be in the finals.... and the top three.


Deven said…
Sorry about the Idol competition. That's awful. :(
Monica said…
Yeah that is bunk...You have an amazing voice!!! Hope all is well with you. I haven't checked your blog in forever. Anyways take care.

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