Frustration abounds. I swear that if I have one more person asking me what I did on what day and all that crap (at my job) I am going to go crazy. Today we had the girl who has been off for something like 7 weeks come back to work. Now not only do I have our office manager constantly asking me what I'm doing and what exactly I did yesterday or 2 weeks ago and what exact day it was (just for the record- it doesn't matter when I did the things she's asking me that I did), I have the girl that came back asking me too. That is not my idea of fun. I LOATHE when I'm trying to do something and the whole time I have someone there asking me what I'm doing and why and blah blah blah. It drives me insane.

The more I work, the more things I find that are annoying about working here. I probably shouldn't complain, but come on! The worst thing is that people around here think you don't know when they're talking about you. Well, I DO! I'm sorry that Larry forced me to use Sami's desk and that half of my stuff was over there, but quite honestly, it was not my choice. I'm just frustrated, and kind of doubting by being here.

There's a lot of things I'm doubting though. I'm pretty irked by the fact that Zac is always so adamant about me calling him, and then I do, and he doesn't answer. Okay, this was the first time he did it, but I have made attempts to contact him, and he hasn't called back. I get worried when things like that happen. I get worried that something bad has happened to him, or even that maybe he's not feeling such warm feelings toward me anymore. I don't know, I guess I'm just being a dumb girl.

Gabriel called me. Bad news I think. I don't think I should be involved with him, but he called at just the right time, with me being so frustrated about Zac. I just hope my frustration subsides.

How about those Tigers! Rock on Ginger and Pudge, The Gambler, and the Hottie. That's Shelton, Rodriquez, Rogers (Kenny) and Ordonez, respectively.

One day closer to "Ionia Idol." I really would like to win. That's the goal at least. We'll see. Hopefully everyone else sucks. That will make this experience very good.


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