So I went on a mad search for karaoke CDs last night. I can't seem to find the two songs I have to do for Ionia Idol. But thankfully, Crazy Dave loves me, and he has offered to let me use his actual CDs he uses for his karaoke equipment as well as his CD-G reader should the equipment at Ionia not read the CDs. I could not believe it when he offered. I'm pretty happy that he was so generous as to offer.

One more day. I'm kinda starting to get nervous- but in a good way. I'm pretty excited, because so many people I know have told me they are coming to hear me sing. No pressure, right?

Anyway, I also got my hair cut yesterday. I was nervous, because the lady that usually cuts my hair (although not really spectacular at anything she does in particular) doesn't work there anymore. I just get nervous when new people take scissors to my hair. I've had some less than stellar experiences. Like when my hair ended up soooooooo short before my first trip to England.

Andrea lectured me about Aiden last night. Weird since I haven't even seen him in over a month. She was giving me a talk telling me how I could do so much better. The problem with taking advice from Andrea though is this: she can't see past appearances. She has no idea what Aiden is really like, because she sees his appearance (which is that of a guy who works construction and landscaping). I see something else. Not that it matters, because who knows when I'll see him again, and for the fact that he has told me more than once that he can't commit, and I can deal with that.

I miss Rasheed.


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