So last night was good. It began by leaving work! I was so glad! I had a bad work day yesterday, if you couldn't tell. I was going to go donate plasma, and got through the first half of it (WAITING mostly- and answering all of the questions)- and I had texted Zac to tell him that I had some stuff going on in GR, and if he wasn't busy I could come by. He called before I got out of work, and then again 15 minutes later, and I told him I'd be there in a while. Then he called while I was in the holding area. That's when I decided to just leave and go see Zac.

It was nice to see him again- we hadn't hung out in nearly 3 weeks, and I think I was going through withdrawals. I can't believe how into watching the news he is. He was so enthralled by it. It kinda made me feel like an idiot for not paying closer attention to what goes on in the world than I do. He told me he couldn't believe that I was a republican because I'm not rich. It was yet another time where I just didn't argue anything about it, because he sees it one way and I just have a different point of view. No point in arguing when you can agree to disagree.

I hung out there for a while, until he had to leave for work (since he's on third shift now). Then when I got home, I had been home maybe an hour, and my brother needed me to go with him to get his girlfriend Rachel at the airport. Of course, we had what they were calling category 6 storms with 60 mile an hour winds and what not. I could barely see driving the whole way, but we made it, and so did Rachel. By the time I got home I was so tired, it was nearly 1 a.m., and I just slept.

Last night though, I did show Zac the photos from the Toga party. The weirdest thing happened. The first thing he asked was "who is this guy?" about a guy that was actually hitting on me on Saturday. I thought that was strange... but nice.


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