Here is Chauncey before the game ... he looks sooo good in those warm-ups, doesn't he?

Here's Shaq, being to fat to keep up with Rip.

I bet you never thought you'd see Rasheed as a peacemaker. Here is he on the left telling Alonzo to calm down or he'll bust a cap (I'm just guessing at the actual dialogue).

Antonio with the reverse dunk!

Poor Little Wade got caught in a trap!

Tay had another fabulous game- although he probably would never use the word fabulous.

I will never get sick of seeing this block, and I'm positive that I will never get sick of talking about it!

Here's Lindsey crossing off win number 7.


Deven said…
Seriously, you are beyond obsessed. :)
Kristen said…
But Seriously, I know I am, and I don't even care. The Pistons are my drug. They're like crack to me. Haha.

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