So, I officially have a desk at work. As I type, the guy from the place is putting it together. Bonnie has nothing for me to do, so I'm biding my time until she gives me something. Mornings are often slow around here.

I officially have a date tonight- I mean, are we still calling them dates? I guess so. I'm hanging out with Gabriel tonight. He is so cute- he called me last night and asked me what I was doing tonight, and told me that he would like to see me. I told him I didn't really have anything officially planned, and he said "okay, we will hang out and have fun." He's so cute with his accent.

The Pistons are playing the Heat in exhibition on October 10. I'm frickin' excited.

I thought there was something else I wanted to say, but I can't remember.

I'm going to MSU tomorrow to watch my brother play 7 on 7 and be looked at by scouts from all sorts of colleges (I guess). I promised him I would go (to be supportive) and now I'm going to have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn just to go and I just want to sleep late.... just one day! Its okay, cuz I'll get to hang out with his girlfriend Rachel, and she's cool. Maybe I'll be able to talk Gabriel into coming along for funsies.

Oh, I have tickets to a Whitecaps game for next month because the choir I'm in is singing the National Anthem, and I'm still deciding who is going to be a prime candidate to ask to go with me and the rest of my family. I was thinking of asking Zac, but I guess we'll see how things go with Gabriel. Right now I'm not thinking too seriously about any of these guys, because I really do still have some strong feelings for Aiden. We'll see. Maybe one of these other guys who are pursuing me is "the one." I'm not sure how I feel about that. I thought I was ready to meet "the one," but now I'm not so sure if I even know what kind of "one" I want anymore. I thought I had a "type," and then I started seeing different kinds of people and I'm not so sure anymore.

I miss when life was simple. When was that you ask? Not sure. Maybe it was simple when I didn't have a romantic relationship of any sort brewing, and just had tons of guy friends. I mean, I was truly happy (I'm thinking about in college), but there's some loneliness attributed to not having a significant other. And if one is dating (or "seeing") more than one person, how does one choose from the pool? I'm not sure. Maybe its like survival of the fittest. Or maybe I just wait until one of them does or says something that totally pisses me off and then I'll never see them again. Something like move to Africa, and not act like you even care to say goodbye to the person you've been dating for 2 months. Caramel was so clueless sometimes. Any guy that wants a girl to pay at the end of a meal that was his idea in the first place sucks. I mean, if I wanted to go out to eat, its one thing... but it was his idea.... and that just turned me right off (for lack of better verbage). Ugh!

I'm done with my rant about the artist formerly known as who I thought was my boyfriend. Whatever. I'm not sure what I'm going to do if he really does come back and actually thinks we're going to be together. I've never really broken up with anyone before, or anything like it... I mean with Mr. Big I just stopped talking to him... and we were never really officially dating- but we were seeing each other pretty regularly.

Anyway- I'm pretty excited about my date tonight. I even have my outfit all picked out. I also have my day planned. I'm going to go home after a (hopefully) fast day at work, and change my clothes and probably do something with this hair. Then I'm going to my twin cousin's little league game. Depending on how I feel, I'll perhaps see if Gabriel wants to come and sit in on some of the game with me, or what. I don't know what we're going to do, but I'm sure its gonna be a good time. I'm sure I will enjoy myself.... unless I don't.

Okay, I'm sure Bonnie with have something for me to do soon.


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