I am so freaking everyone's freak! Okay, Maybe just Deven's. I think I might be going through a late rebellious stage or something... getting tattoos and what not. Not really... I guess everyone these days has tattoos.... and up until recently I thought I would continue being unique by NOT getting one.... but this Rasheed tattoo idea came to me, and its just too good to not do. Plus my brother will be getting a Matching Ben Wallace one (as long as he doesn't leave Detroit).

On the same subject (the Pistons), I must say that I was sad to hear that they traded Mo Evans. He's a good young player and I love his heart and the way he plays the game. Unfortunately, there were not a lot of playing minutes in his near future in Detroit, and he apparently said he wanted to leave via his agent. I'm sorry that he will have to put up the arrogant piece of feces that is Kobe Bryant, but what can you do?

Well, I'm not sure what my weekend has in store, since Zac called me last night and as we were talking, informed me that he is going to Minneapolis this weekend with some friends to visit another friend. That's cool, cuz maybe I should spend some time with my family, since next weekend will be the beginning of the dog-sitting adventure. I will be house/dog-sitting for my Aunt Kellie and her husband Brent. They are going to West Virginia or something like that for something having to do with a trust that he is receiving. Anyway, it will be nice to get away, because my sister and her douchebag boyfriend are coming back here... and they're planning on leaving ASAP. So pretty much, I'm planning on not being home very often anymore, especially if they're going to be around. I loathe him. He treats her like crap and has no respect for women at all. He's probably destined to a life in and out of jail just like his father. He already has to spend time in jail for a DUI from a while ago, I guess. Its just too bad that Jessica doesn't realize that he is just like her dad, and that is not a good thing.

Well, I don't really have much else to go on and on about. I'm sure I'll have an uneventful weekend and be depressed on yet another 4th of july... the past 6 have not really been that great- mostly because its just a bad memory of one particular 4th of July.


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