Wow. Life is crazy. At least mine is. Its turning into one of those things where I feel like my life should be a Soap Opera, or at least a book.

So Friday, I went to karaoke, and Aiden was there. I was so happy, and he was in rare form. He was cracking everyone up and talking non-stop. So then another regular there, Mary told me I had a glow about me, and she was making comments on how he was such a cutie, and that he tried to look at me while he was singing, but that just made him mess up. So then she asked if things were getting serious between us. I was like "heck no! He doesn't want a girlfriend!" And she commented on how young he is (4 years younger than I) and she said that was understandable. When we were leaving, we ended up walking out together, and he held my hand all the way out and opened both doors for me, which I found interesting (He doesn't usually hold my hand- I mean, sometimes, but its just not normal). Then we were talking and he was telling me that if I don't win Ionia Idol, then he's never going to talk to me again. I called him a liar, and he said "okay, you're right; but if you don't win, you're doing something wrong." I just laughed. He did kiss me though. Nothing monumental, just a peck, but its still something.

Anyway, then Saturday, I went to karaoke again, but I was bored (mostly because Aiden wasn't there), and so me and my friend Stacey decided to go to the club. So we drove to GR to the Level. Gabriel called while I was on my way there to tell me he had to take his sister to Chicago, so he wouldn't be able to go. That was fine with me. I knew I would have fun with Stacey. So as we are dancing and having a good time, just the girls.... I see a familiar face. It was Zac- Caramel's roommate/cousin. He said something like "you're boy left me lonely" and offered to buy me a drink, so I obliged. Anyway, he also said that Caramel was asking about me recently but he didn't know how to contact me, since he didn't have my number. So, anyway, we were dancing and having a good time, and there was alcohol involved, and the next thing I know, he's getting more friendly, and then we were kissing. Then I told Stacey "I knew he always had a thing for me," anyway- I kinda felt bad because the next day Gabriel called and asked if my friend met anyone at the club, and I told him no, but we had a good time. Anyway, I did get Zac's number as well as give him mine, and he told me to call so we could hang out. We'll see. Gabriel also wants to spend time with me next weekend, and I'm trying to figure out when I'll find the time for them all! Just kidding.... but seriously.


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