At the risk of "Freakin' Deven's Freak," I'm going to write about my life. I know that my life has been pretty crazy lately- and a lot of my friends are saying they are wanting to live vicariously through me (because about 97 % of my friends are married and boring).... okay, not boring, just married. Only about 47% of them are boring now. I'm just messing around- please don't be mad at me married friends.

Well, Gabriel has called me twice- once, ironically while I was on the phone with Zac, and I didn't interrupt my call (I HATE CALL WAITING)- and once on Saturday while I was attempting to nap my life away. I need to return his call and tell him we will no longer be seeing each other, but I've never really had to blow off a guy before, and I feel bad.

Things with Zac are good- I'm still not going to put a label on it (because usually once I start doing that things crash and burn), but we're having fun. He called me Saturday when I was at karaoke (and actually about scared the crappers out of me, because my phone was up full blast and I happened to be in the ladies room when it rang- good thing if it almost scared the crappers out of me, right?).... anyway, he was cracking me up, and marveling at the fact that I don't really get nervous singing in front of people (its just what I do at this point). Anyway, he had to work and what not, but we still hung out. He said something about how he likes to go away when he has a long weekend (like the one coming up this weekend- he'll have at least 3 days off, and I'll have 4 days off), and how he was thinking about going to Toronto. He asked if I had ever been there, and I haven't... I've been to the Canadian side of the falls, and once went through there coming back from New York. I've always heard good things about that city. Anyway, he sorta hinted at the fact that he might want to go there, and perhaps it would be something he would suggest that we should both go. Who knows, he'll probably want to go with his friend (probably J.J.- who happens to be friends with Gabriel also). ANYWAY- what a tangled web we weave.

Friday night, I went to karaoke (of course), and we had a beach theme this weekend. Dave bought a kiddie pool and put sand in it, and a bunch of sand toys and stuff. There were also squirt guns. You know, the kind we all used to play with when we were kids that didn't really do much harm. Well, we started in with those, getting each other barely wet, but then it got out of control. Mary got a big squirt bottle (one that looks like one cleaner might be stored in), and was getting people who were getting her, and somehow she always got it worse. So then I got this girl Jennifer, who is dating a guy I know and happens to be friends with my brother's girlfriend. Well, then that got out of control, and she got me wet with like a whole glass of water, so I went and got a mustard bottle filled with water and doused her with it. So then she got me a few more times with water and I was SOAKED.... literally dripping wet. I was wearing this cute dress and it was absolutely sopping wet. I was still soaked 2 hours later when I went home. It was out of control, but fun.

Anyway, the rest of my weekend was pretty laid back. I went and gave plasma on Saturday, although douchebag Jim didn't show up. Then I went to an open house and got free food and really good salad.... then I attempted to take a nap in my million degree hot room- but couldn't. I played with the kitten. My sister wants its name to be Zoomer, but she's gone and I call it Gollum. It reminds me of the character (in a good way).


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