Well, one question... how do you give people advice or tell them things they should know that you know without doing it the wrong way? I guess the key is tact, and that your heart is in the right place.

My money situation is going okay for my england trip... there are still more people that i can hit up for money and we shall see how that goes along... i'm scared... but i can't wait until i have my trip paid for so i can get a cell phone. as soon as i get my car fixed, i am so buying a cell phone, and i'm excited about getting the new picture phone thing... that's like THE COOLEST! I'm so pumped about that!

I have the next two days off, which i guess is cool, because i've been sick for the past week... i slept all sunday pretty much except for meals and church and girl's night, and then slept a full night again last night.... so i don't know how much more i can actually sleep... you'd think i'd get not tired eventually.. but i just keep sleeping... maybe i'm narcoleptic... nah; my gramma was right, i'm not.


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