So yeah, this has been a blech last couple of days, but i'm back online! I've been sick, which sucks, because its like a cold kinda sick, where i'm stuffy and kinda can't hear clearly, so it's not like the kinda sick where you can just throw up and get it out, but its just there... i hate that. I told my friends at work they should feel sorry for me, actually i was just kidding but oh well.

So some people are just really apathetic about everything and that drives me nuts. I don't know, I just don't think that friendships or relationships are worth it when one person is doing most of the giving. That is not the type of thing i'm interested in... does that make any sense to anyone but me?

Can I just say that I hated New Year's Eve? To me, its like the second worst holiday EVER (the first being Valentine's Day). I have never had a good Valentines day, but the last good NYE that i had was 4 years ago in 2000....I actually went to a "party" of sorts... but I didn't have the best time ever...NYE just seems to remind me of how painstakingly lonely I am. At midnight, everyone kisses their loved one (or if you're in NYC, maybe a complete stranger). I have never participated in this tradition. Oh well, Such is life... I should go to bed.... this is tiring...


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