Hello all.... Do any of you know how much I love Lord of The Rings? Just curious, because i was thinking of watching it today...Since I have the day off....

I'll be going back to work tomorrow after two days off in a row... how much does that suck? I REALLY want to find a new job... if anyone has any suggestions, I'm totally open to them...

Fundraising for my england trip is going decently well... I just need to find a few more generous donators or something like that... My church is trying to help me out, but its slow coming along on that front... I'm kinda anxious about things like "what if I don't get enough money?" and things of that nature... saving money is difficult when you have to pay back your loans and pay for your car.

I am soooooo bored... And Passions is on, and I MUST turn it because this show is JACKED UP... my life is so uninteresting. Oh well. And I'm off to watch my Viggo in LORD OF THE RINGS.


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