Firstly, My condolances to R. Todd "The Champ" Nicholson... he was in a car accident and had a few injuries... I'm thinking of ya, and I hope to "see ya" soon.... (I know its more likely that Micah would be reading this than him, so let him know what I said).

Anyhoo... now that I got that out of the way... I just want to say that I love the Television show Law and Order SVU. Although many times I feel horrible about the characters often portrayed on the show because I know that there are sick people like that out there. It just breaks my heart. It makes me want to be part of the process to catch the scum bags. I also love when they trick people into confessing. That's the best!

Anyway... today was another good day at work (wow- three in a row)! How great is that! And I got invited to go bowling with a bunch of friends for a birthday next Saturday; how fun is that?!

If any of you guys (that probably aren't reading this... I'm just flattering myself...) have any suggestions on something fun to do (as in, on dates)... original things to do on a date... it would ge greatly apprecitated... Its for future reference... just so you know.


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