Today was a good day... I took my papers in to get my taxes done so I can get money back!!!!! Yay! I was so happy when I got my W-2s... I need money... yay.... I will finally be able to get my car fixed. I'm so excited!

I got to talk to my good friend from Florida today.... That was a good conversation.... I can't wait to go visit him this summer! Road trip! yeah baby! I'm looking forward to that although I do not know exactly when it will be.

ALSO, I found out I had a few more donations for my England trip, which is awesome! I have no idea who sent the money, but I am totally excited about it! I guess God really does want me to go on this trip.

State of the Union was tonight... I watched it.... Oh yes.... I recalled that the last time I watched it I was with my good friend Eric and we were eating pizza with College Republicans. How fun was that. I miss good times with Eric and CRs.


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