How sick am I of all the making fun of George W. Bush for being "stupid"? I know it is all in good fun most of the time.... but my brother actually takes it seriously and thinks that George W. is actually dumb. HE went to HARVARD people... dumb people don't go to Harvard! Dumb People don't graduate from Harvard! There... I got that out of my system.

I never thought I'd almost look forward to going to work tomorrow.. but I am so bored after today... plus my brother and sister have been driving me insane. I cannot wait until I move outta here. I'm so ready.. hopefully this summer.

How about I still don't have insurance, because walmart screwed up... AND they had better not tell me i have to wait to get insurance or i'm gonna cause some major uproar... they are totally in the wrong and should pay for my first month of insurance because i probably won't get it until next month now... no i actually have no idea when it will start, but it HAD BETTER be soon. I haven't gotten any calls the past few days which could be good or bad.

What kind of person asks someone they do not know if they are pregnant? My friend and i were working the other night, and some customer asked her if she was pregnant and she freaked out.... WHO DOES THAT? C'mon guys, I know your strong suit is not always thinking, but let's consider this... A PERSON YOU DO NOT KNOW.... PREGNANT... if she's not, she'll think you think she's fat and she'll freak out.... sorta like the guy the other day that said something about how I could go find a real job. That REALLY ticked me off. Especially when that was the day I got a walmart Wake-up call asking me to come in early. Everyone there is sick, so I invested in some serious anti-bacterial action. Plus with all the white trash coming in there that look like they haven't bathed in at least a month... its very necessary. And I"m seriously not exaggerating. I would NEVER do that.

I am so happy that payday is tomorrow. I have so little money it is not even funny. I am saving for my England trip, which if any of you want to make a contribution, NO donation is too small and if you write the check to IWU, it's tax deductible. Let me know... I mean, you probably know how to reach me if you're reading this. Well, I'm off now... I should go to bed soon cuz I actually have to get up in the morning for work. Later!


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