Sorry for repetitiveness for those of you who already read this on facebook. This is a post that I recently had on there and wanted to share with the rest of you guys who may not have already discovered the wonderful world of facebook.

Love and Stupid people

I hate when people say things like "I couldn't help that I fell in love with him/her." Do these people not realize that love is a choice? Sometimes I wonder if these morons realize what love really is. I'm convinced that many don't.

Okay- so I'm not married. I'm not even dating anyone right now. However, I'm not hesitant to say I've been in love (some of you think you know who I'm referring to, and you don't), and I know what it really is.Its not stalking someone until they get scared and give in (as my friend Melinda once said). It doesn't make you do things that are emotionally, spiritually or physically bad for yourself, or especially the other person. It is a choice. We choose to love others, or we choose not to. We choose to love another person or we choose not to.

Love is not something one just "falls out of." That is also a choice. I'm sick of people acting like they just fell out of love. When you love someone, you choose to love them forever. If you don't love them anymore, you chose not to love them anymore. Maybe they aren't doing the things they used to do when the two of you first fell in love, and maybe you're not doing the things you used to either.

People stay in love even though they may change- because unless one is a complete deciever and total liar- we don't really change that much. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that as people we don't really go through that huge of a change that we completely change our personality. Our formative years are exactly that- they form us into what we eventually become.

I'm sorry- I just had to vent because I'm so sick of people saying the aforementioned phrases. Even I've uttered the phrase "sometimes love isn't enough." However, I must say what I meant. I meant that love isn't enough when it is one-sided, or that the lovee is unwilling to accept or return the love. You can't force someone to love you- because God did give us free will... and most people I know really do enforce that "right."

Okay, I'm done going off now. Feel free to tell me what you think.


I have to say most of those comments come from people settling on someone that really dosent meet their expectations. I find lots of girls saying "Yeah i know hes not that faithful but hes great in bed." or "Yeah hes not arround much but when he is hes great... oh im sure hes faithful... i hope." Well my pastor said why settle for less when you can have the best. I say never settle on someone cause its the greatest thing for right now or you just may end up saying you fell out of love when turns out you were never in it totaly from the beginning.


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