I had to write, since the first Pistons preseason game was last night. The Pistons beat the heat 103-86 in their first game this year. I am ready for this season!
This pic is the jump ball at the beginning. Sheed is playing center this year (at least now)- but he can pretty much play anywhere. I love him.


Kristen, I so appreciated your comment on our blog!I forgot that other people besides our family know the story behind that phrase!I do long for those care free days though! Love the Sheed picture! Bart is going to the game on Sunday w/ Austin. He got free tickets for doing a clinic at his school last year. Turns out their seats are still on the floor, 4 from the court behind the basket. He is going to take our camera and if gets some good shots(doubtful!)I'll be sure to send them to you. Glad to hear your mom is doing better.

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