My mom finds out soon if she will need a bone marrow transplant. I hope not! That is just scary to me. She has to go on Long Term disability here soon because she's been off work. I hope she can get back to work soon! I know she's going crazy.

I had a long talk with my friend (who is also a pastor) today. I am feeling a little better about my current situation. After talking to him and my friend Charity... I am realizing where I fit into this whole equation.

There are people I care about that are making some horrible decisions (aka - sinful ones)-however, if I am the person that calls them out, my motives will be questioned. I have been advised to basically just walk away. I'm not sure if that's necessarily the best advice as far as the situation of the other people involved, but for me, maybe its best. I need to work on me. Just because people in my life have used me, and tossed me aside, all the while acting like my friends, or more- I need to move on. I am tired of all this world has to offer. I want true friendships with people who don't just go around the world concerned with what is in it for them.

Okay... I'm done with my rant. I'm still excited about getting away this weekend.

Did I mention I played harmonica in public (more than once) and actually got rave reviews? Its not like its that difficult, but I was pretty happy with myself since I pretty much taught myself how to do it. Could I use the word "myself" once more in this blog? Guess not.

I'm out.


Deven said…
I hope you're bringing your harmonica with you... :)
Amanda said…
Seacrest out. More movie quotes? "Why didn't you tell me to bring along my harmonica?" (The baroness in The Sound of Music, not that you wouldn't get that anyway).

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