Last time I heard, my mom is doing well... just for anyone who might be wondering. I'm planning on going to see her tomorrow before work to see how things are going. I'll let you in on more when I know more.

I went and saw "Anne of Green Gables" this weekend at the Michigan Theater. A guy I know was cast in the off-broadway show, and we took two busses full of 97 people to go see him in it. I wasn't familiar with the plot, but I must say I enjoyed it (even though there were a million children there and then the tallest lady in the whole place sat right in front of me). I was glad to go see Justin (Goodemoot) because he is fabulous and was so good. I can't wait to see him in more shows!


That's so cool that you got to go see Justin perform. I remember how awesome his voice was. Could listen for hours....
I'm happy your mom is doing good. My parents said it was good to see you.

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