My friend is back home... in an odd living situation- but at least has a place to live for her and her two kids.

I'm going to seek some advice from a pastor friend of mine about this whole situation (which I have written minimally about). I am very torn. People deserve to know the truth, and I am already being persecuted for telling the truth, and I know I will burn some bridges if I do.

Anyway, other than that... there are some other things going on. I am going to be going to IWU homecoming this weekend. Its more about the friends I will see rather than the homecoming events. I'm taking Friday off and going down there, meeting my bestest friend (Amanda Faz) and hanging with her for the night- and then going down to the WU Saturday. Plans are tentative from there, besides going to the homecoming fair and lunch. I look forward to getting on campus, since I haven't been there in three years.

Okay.... well, perhaps I should go now. Back to work!


Amanda said…
You know I'm your bestest friend! :) I am so excited about you coming!!!!!! And also glad to hear that L has her place to live back. That is some good news from this mess.
See you Saturday, Kristen! :) We're looking forward to it!!!! We'll be there all day, probably leave around supper time or something like that.

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