So the male gender is infuriating. About a week or so ago, I thought the world was my oyster, with potentially three guys waiting in the wings just pining for me. Yeah, right, like that was seriously going to be happening. So Mr. Big is someone who I'm declaring myself officially done with. I called him yesterday, because mostly there were some things that I thought needed to be said that I never could have said to him while at work. So, I called him to see if he would want to meet on my lunch hour so we could talk (I mean really talk). Well, his response to me even calling was "I'm pretty busy." So pissed, I told him I'd let him go since he was so busy, and in my mind I was saying "...and I'm never calling you again." I loathe the fact that I've wasted even 2 minutes of thought on his visit last week. I'm through.

Then, Berger... wow. My friend Kim invited him to a bonfire the other night... nicely throwing in that I would be there. He responded with "So?" So pretty much that pissed me off. I wasn't going to ever say what happened with us, but at this point I don't care. I know the only person who will read this who is remotely close to being able to rat me out is Jasmine (so if this gets out, I'll hunt you down and kill you). Anyway, we totally kissed the night after karaoke.... actually maybe kissed isn't as appropriate as made out. Bad idea, right? Well, I'm pretty foolish, since he's passing out his wedding invitations possibly as I type this. Ugh, it just sickens me the more I think of it... the fact that this guy that I thought was such a nice guy would do that, and then a week later be passing out his wedding invitations. I don't know if there will ever be a way to forget that.

So maybe Aiden is the only possibility... besides the guy from the club who seems to be constantly calling me. I'm not going to date him. That's too much for me. I can't see it happening.

Well, I'm done ranting and raving (for now). Pray for the Pistons... apparently they need it! I don't want another whole year of disappointment!


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