No one can guard this Prince.
Old man river boxes out Rip after an arguement and a flagrant call on the Heat.
Sheed celebrates after a big three.
Dyesse plays great D.
Sheed pissed at a bogus call.

PISTONS WIN GAME - the final score -90-88 says that it was a closer game than it really was. The Pistons led at one point by 18, and the heat came back and thought they almost won, but didn't. Sheed made some threes, and got pissed and started playing his game. I love when he gets mad, because then he plays with so much passion that no one can stop him. It wouldn't have been as close of a score if the ref at the end would have allowed Tay to call time out, because he did, and apparently everyone say it except the old ref. Apparently he did apologize though, because Tay said he apologized for saying something he shouldn't have said, and that he also said he couldn't hear him call time out because it was too loud in the arena. NO EXCUSE! The next game is Saturday, and I'm pumped for a win in Miami!


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