Check out Rasheed and how hot he is. He is fabulous in every way.

I'm loving the fact that more people I know are starting to get to my blog. I'm such an attention whore.... no not really... at least I hope not.

Anyway- I started my new job on Monday (May 1) and it is awesome. Its so much better than the crap I was doing before. It was crazy how it all worked out. I sent my resume out Monday (of last week) got a call for an interview Tuesday, and went for the interview Friday at 1 pm and got a call by 3 pm saying that I got the job. Sweet! I hadn't even quit my old job before my new one started! Rock out!

So, the craziest thing happened to me this morning. It wasn't absolutely insane, but it freaked me out a bit. I was going to my new job, and had to stop and get the paper and read all about how the Pistons ruled the court over the Bucks (they one the series 4-1 if you didn't already know- and it was round one of the playoffs if you didn't know that either)- and I stopped at a place that was right by my office. Well, as I got ready to pull out of the parking lot, there he was. It was Mr. Big walking with whom I assumed was his father. The funny thing is that he lives in this town and it was like the last thing I ever expected to see... as far as I could tell, he didn't see me, but I was literally 4 feet away from him and he didn't notice. I did not need this. I don't need to start thinking about him again, because I saved myself pain last time by just stopping everything, and not talking to him anymore... but now that Caramel is in Africa, and Aiden is seemingly a lost cause, one can't help but wonder...


Monica said…
OH Honey, So much going on in your life... hope it all works out for you. So where u working these days?

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