So this weekend was pretty fun. I went to the townhouse, and it was out of control on Friday. Some hick started some fight with this guy I know, so I finally spoke up and told him that if he couldn't control himself then maybe he should leave. He didn't like that AT ALL and started cussing me out and flipping me off and stuff... well, no one really said anything except Dar who after I told the guy he wasn't going to talk to me like that told him that you don't talk to a lady that way... well like he knows that- he doesn't even have teeth.

Anyway- Saturday was better. I was hanging out with the same old gang, and even Aiden. He came and sat next to me (notice- he sat next to me, not the other way around) and we had a good time chatting and laughing. It was normal, and it was nice. I told him about what happened on Friday night, and he asked who stepped in. When I told him no one, he got a shocked look on his face and went into detail about what he would have done had he been there. That was kinda cool- I knew he'd react that way, and that's why I was glad that Joy brought it up so I could tell him what happened.

Then The Blues Brothers showed up. Not the real blues brothers, but some guys dressed like them. It turns out it was Paul Shoemaker and Billy McDowell's fathers (I went to high school with them). It was very entertaining and it was funny to see how sort of in awe Aiden was. There are many conflicting feelings within me about Aiden, but I can't go into that. Its just crazy.

Then yesterday, the Pistons kicked the Cavaliers in the face with the score of 113-86. It was an awesome game and my man Tayshaun rocked out with 24 points. Plus Rasheed was super hot. I can't wait for game 2 on Tuesday!


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