What happened to my boys? I was never as frustrated as I the past two games in Miami. They were supposed to at least split the score in Miami... well, they were never "supposed" to lose at home either. I am so frustrated with how this series has played out. I know that the Pistons play so much better when they're under a lot of pressure, but I'm going to have a heart attack! They HAVE to win the next three straight games. What makes me more nervous is all the talk about the coaching and what not. SHOOT THE BALL AND MAKE THE SHOTS!

The other frustration is the fact that the officials are obviously not calling it both ways. When the Heat went to the free throw line 47 times and the Pistons only went 22, AND the Pistons this season have been the team that has been the lowest fouling team in the LEAGUE- that is obvious. The conspiracy against the Pistons must stop. I am fed up of the media making them out to be something they're not and not giving them their due at the same time. As a sportscaster, their jobs are not to tell me who they want to win, their job is to call the game... in an unbiased fashion.

The picture of Big Ben says it all... because he never argues calls unless he knows its a bogus call. Also the fact that they never called a jump ball with what happened with Antonio on the floor with the ball (pictured above) when they were wrestling for the ball for a good 10 seconds. The NBA officials suck, and they probably all need to go to the eye doctor and maybe head doctor before the next game.


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